Ranger重启: 更新,资源和常见问题解答

威斯康星大学 - Parkside提供靠近主要学术,运动和社区建筑的停车场,在许多城市银河娱乐网址内找不到独特的功能。

There are inexpensive options for our visitors as well as convenient permits available for commuter and resident students, faculty, and staff. Parking is free for most special events such as the Noon Concert Series, Foreign 电影s, Science Night, and, of course, for all NCAA Division II athletics. Convenient drop-off areas are located close to main entrances at the 学生中心, the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for 艺术 and Humanities, and the Sports & Activity Center.



UW-Parkside警察和公共安全办公室,188室在Thantent Hall的房间提供许可证。 在线提供完整的停车条例。 请致电262-595-2455致电UW-Parkide警察和公共安全办公室。